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Wing Professional Development Courses

The Professional Development Department is pleased to announce our schedule of courses for 2013/2014.

2013/2014 Course Schedule and Locations:

Dates           Course   Location             Course Director                   Deadline*


28 - 29 Sep   CLC        Gainesville           Capt Ross Statham                   20 Sep
26 - 27 Oct   UCC       Dobbins ARB         Col. Tonya Boylan                   12 Oct
TBD Feb 2014   CLC    Group II/GA-130         TBD                                 TBD
  TBD 2014    SLS        Group I               Lt. Col. John Aden                 TBD
TBD Mar 2014   SLS    Columbus, GA     Lt. Col. Patrick Zarnik             TBD

* ICS 300 and ICS 400 are 1.5 day FEMA courses recommended for ES volunteers.

Please check back often and look for undated information. Circumstances may require some modification to the schedules. Additional courses could be added.

Glossary of Terms/Course Names:

TLC  "Training Leaders of Cadets"

SLS  "Squadron Leadership School"

CLC  "Corporate Learning Course

UCC "Unit Commander's Course"

ICS refers to the FEMA-specific incident command courses.


How to Register:

  1. Register early!  ALL courses listed are open for registration.

  2. Click here for a CAP Form 17; forward to your commander for signature.

  3. Email your signed form.  (Dedicated email address); will be processed for approval and signature, then forwarded to the Course Director. DO NOT SEND FORM 17's TO THE COURSE DIRECTOR!


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